Using Nicotine Gum To Quit Smoking

An addiction to nicotine is a serious one indeed. Many studies have shown that it is one of the most addictive substances known, and most people will gain a dependency to it soon after they start smoking regularly. When you smoke a cigarette, you body receives an instant rush of nicotine – there is a spike in your nicotine levels which slowly dissipates, and when your nicotine levels drop below a certain point you will crave another spike, in the form of another cigarette.

An addiction to nicotine is a serious one indeed. Many studies have shown that it is one of the most addictive substances known, and most people will gain a dependency to it soon after they start smoking regularly. When you smoke a cigarette, you body receives an instant rush of nicotine – there is a spike in your nicotine levels which slowly dissipates, and when your nicotine levels drop below a certain point you will crave another spike, in the form of another cigarette.

As a smoker, part of your body’s physical addition to nicotine has to do with relieving it in these “hits,” and it is for this reason that an attempt to quit smoking can be so difficult. The most important thing in any attempt to quit smoking is willpower, and the chances that you will succeed in staying smoke free without the use of willpower are extremely slim. In same cases, however, you can benefit from using a medical aid in addition to your willpower. The most common and well known aids to quitting smoking are those that supply and regulate nicotine in the bloodstream.

A popular choice is nicotine gum. This is gum that resembles ordinary chewing gum, but of course it contains nicotine. The reason nicotine gum can be effective is because is can replicate nicotine spikes in your bloodstream without the need for cigarettes. The problem that some people run into with the nicotine patch – the other popular nicotine supplier – is that a nicotine patch supplies a steady amount of nicotine into your bloodstream. There is no spike, or “hit”, with a patch, and for this reason some people still find themselves craving cigarettes when they use the patch: even though the body is receiving nicotine, it desires the hit that the cigarette provides.

With nicotine gum, you can attempt to replicate this hit without a cigarette. The gum is not chewed like normal gum — rather you hold in your mouth without chewing it for long periods of time, and then give it a few chews when you want a release of nicotine, much as you would take a drag on a cigarette for a quick nicotine hit. A typical guideline for nicotine gum would be to chew it 3-4 times, until you feel a tingling sensation, at which point you should flatten it and place it between your cheek and gum. Repeat the brief chewing process at occasional intervals as necessary. Under no circumstances should nicotine gum be chewed like ordinary gum, as too much nicotine will be released into your bloodstream.

Nicotine Gum comes in 2mg and 4mg strengths (the 4mg is recommended if you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day.) It is recommended that you use the gum every 1-2 hours throughout the day, for a period of up to 3 months. The only drawback of nicotine gum is that you cannot drink anything except water for 15 minutes before and during chewing. For this reason nicotine gum isn’t helpful at a bar, which is where many ex-smokers need the most help. Despite this, nicotine gum can be an effective tool — when combined with your willpower — in an attempt to quit smoking.

Alarming Smoking Facts… Adding To Paper Work?

Smoking facts read like fiction! Deaths due to smoking contribute a great deal to population control, even though this is a negative way to control population! You can read the warning printed on the cigarette packs: ?Smoking is injurious to health.?

Smoking facts read like fiction! Deaths due to smoking contribute a great deal to population control, even though this is a negative way to control population! You can read the warning printed on the cigarette packs: ?Smoking is injurious to health.?

If we take an all-world picture, the statistics of deaths due to smoking looks like fantasy. But, who will give up smoking on the basis of statistics? They all know it. They desperately want to give up smoking, both from the health point of view and the financial point of view!

The topmost among the New Year Resolutions, is to give up smoking! Every year, for the last several years! Hope you have understood!

Why it is so difficult to give up smoking? Ask nicotine!

Smoking is an addiction. Since tobacco smoke contains this poisonous element, a near-impossible addictive substance to give up, the smoker’s plight is not condemnable, but pitiable!

But what is the fault of indirect smokers? the passive smokers? The smokers are providing free passports to them as well. And it is indeed a pity that this white-color crime goes unpunished!

Think of the family! There is every chance of children taking to the smoking habit, if the father is smoking. What a way to preserve unity in the family!

And what about women smoking, indeed pregnant women? Knowing well that it would badly affect the health of the baby that would be born! What a height of unconcern?

Therefore, tendering any amount of statistics, whether 4,000,000 die every year in the USA or 14,000,000 (this is a hypothetical figure) all over the world due to smoking is going to move which heart? Which Government? Can the UNO do something to stop this undeclared war?

The efforts to control smoking are all paper projects! Paper tigers! Can something tangible be done to save the situation? Perhaps no, with the present set of rules to protect the smokers and the strong lobby of tobacco manufacturers!

Quit Smoking Herbal by Nguang Nguek Fluek

Quit Smoking Herbal ? Products That Work Naturally

Fortunately, nowadays there are a lot of alternatives that are offered to those who want to give up smoking. Among all the variants the most natural choice is quit smoking herbal. This is a very efficient method that uses natural herbs which will help you quit this vice.

Quit smoking herbal is provided under different forms: tablets, inhalers, cigarettes made of herbs that is a certain and natural remedy against nicotine withdrawal of the body. The effectiveness of this method has been confirmed and it is also preferable because it has immediate results and it does not cause addiction.


Under various names these tablets are a combination of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals that will help you recover from the bad period after quitting smoking. These will also fool your body which is addicted to nicotine by supplying other elements necessary for your organism.

Their effect is also obvious when it comes to other unpleasant symptoms after giving up smoking, for example it is very good against depressions, insomnias, and other nervous moods.


Inhalers are very easy to use, and they are a great quit smoking herbal product: whenever you feel the need of lighting a cigarette you should just inhale the aroma, the smell will compensate your need to smoke a cigarette. The decision to operate upon this sense is the fact that it is the most powerful of all the other senses and it is here that smoking reacts.

Your respiratory apparatus will no longer bear the smell of the cigarette and this way you will voluntary refuse your old bad habit.

Pseudo Cigarettes

These are the cigarettes that will determine you to quit smoking while still smoking. This is a very good idea because for a smoker there isn?t always the need to smoke but their need to do something with their hands. Smoking determines some automatic gestures that unconsciously govern you.

This is a very efficient way to deceive your own psyche. Apparently the smoker preserves his daily routine but he actually quits his vice little by little without even realizing it. Instead of filling up his organism with nicotine he replaces in fact toxic elements with natural ones.

Quit smoking herbal has the benefit of solving a smoker?s problems by making use of natural elements In order to achieve the best results it is better if these methods are used together, or at least two of them. By combining them, smokers will easily find a way to get rid of their unhealthy habit and to recover fast from the troublesome period that follows.

Deciding to give up smoking is not so difficult but the problems appear after the last cigarette. That is why the nicotine that your body needs has to be replaced by these herbs that present the advantage of not causing addiction like other unnatural methods.

Bolster Your Willpower With Stop Smoking Hypnosis Therapy

What is Stop Smoking Hypnosis Therapy?

What is Stop Smoking Hypnosis Therapy?

If you’re a smoker, you’ve no doubt been alerted? by family members, doctors and even perfect strangers?to the dangers of smoking. Cancer, emphysema and heart disease are only some of the health issues associated with long term smoking habits. If you’re ready to quit, but just can’t find the willpower, you should strongly consider a stop smoking hypnosis program. The process of stop smoking hypnosis therapy includes manipulating your own subconscious into helping you break the psychological addiction to smoking cigarettes. The sooner you are able to quit smoking, the sooner your health risks will be reduced.

How Does Stop Smoking Hypnosis Work

Stop smoking hypnosis therapy is conducted by a hypno-therapist who has been trained to provide suggestions to your subconscious mind. By replacing your natural cigarette triggers, such as driving or eating, with subconscious reminders about the positive effects of quitting smoking, the hypno-therapist gives your own willpower an internal support system. Hypnotherapy can undermine your natural predilection to smoke by sublimating your cravings and improving your confidence in your ability to quit. Stop smoking hypnosis can also be administered at home via CD or through other audio technology. The use of hypnosis to cure the habit of smoking has varying results, depending on your susceptibility to being hypnotized, but many people adamantly proclaim that the therapy allowed them to quit smoking with virtually no withdrawal symptoms or cravings.

Advantages of Stop Smoking Hypnosis

There are many advantages to participating in a stop smoking hypnosis program. While there are a profusion of products on the market to help you quit smoking, including nicotine patches and gums, hypnosis therapy has some unique benefits. Some of these benefits include:

* Significant decrease in health risks if the therapy is successful
* The treatment is completely drug free
* Therapy can be completed quickly and has no long-term cost involvement
* Stop smoking hypnosis therapy can also boost your confidence in other areas of your life
* Therapy focuses on the positive, instead of resisting something you love, you’re trained to be happy about getting rid of something that is hurting you.
* Therapy can be tailored to address your personal smoking triggers and habits

How to Find a Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program

There are many outlets by which you can locate a stop smoking hypnosis problem. Many therapists advertise on the internet, while some can be found in the phone directory. Finding the right therapist to help you quit smoking is a matter of personal preference. You can find help at

If you are uncomfortable meeting with someone personally, or if there are no therapists locally, there are many stop smoking hypnosis programs available on cassette and CD that can be used in the privacy of your home. Whatever course you choose, you should feel happy with your decision to quit smoking. As the commercials say ?Quitting smoking now greatly reduces serious risks to your health.?

Quit Smoking Guide by Nguang Nguek Fluek

Quit Smoking Guide ? What to do when you want to quit smoking!

Learn how to increase your chances to quit smoking with our quit smoking guide. It is designed to provide you with useful information about smoking nature and some tips that will help beating up the smoking cessation symptoms.

The first stop in our quit smoking guide is the understanding of how smoking addiction works. If you discover the roots of the addiction, it will be easier to eradicate your smoking vice. Your are addicted to smoking because of:

– Addiction to nicotine: Nicotine is a substance found in cigarettes that is highly addictive. Once you have started smoking you have taught your body that it will receive regular doses of nicotine. With time your body starts to require more and more nicotine thus you start to increase the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. Nicotine itself is not that harmful, but the rest of the ingredients found in cigarettes (such as tar) are.

– Mental addiction: Smoking is connected with your life and your habits. In fact there is a large number of cigarettes you have smoked not because you needed more nicotine but because you have used to the ritual. For example it is believed that a cigarette goes well with coffee (although it si a fact that it just kills the coffee taste) so you light up one with yours regardless if you want it or need it. if you manage to make a ?dissection? of your life you will quickly see where cigarette smoke sneaks in it and just shut the doors.

Ok, read this? Good. Now here is the second part of the quit smoking guide. How to cope with the problems mentioned above?

– There are plenty of solutions for your nicotine addiction problem. You can start a nicotine replacement therapy or get a stop smoking injection. The NTR (nicotine replacement therapy) replaces cigarette nicotine with nicotine delivered though other sources ? such as gums, patches or nasal sprays. The stop smoking injection offers even more radical approach to nicotine addiction ? the ingredients of the injection simply block the nicotine receptors in your brain ? it simple cannot recognize the substance and that is why the cravings stop. Remember that in any case you should seek professional advice about the kind of stop smoking therapy you will undergo. Your doctor will be able to prescribe you the best medical treatment in accordance with your health conditions.
– The medical treatment will relieve your withdrawal symptoms and will leave you free air to cope with the rest. A correct behavioral therapy can help you switch your habits and lifestyle in a way to exclude smoking. It is also vital that you get support from your friends and family. Start going to ex-smokers? meetings ? there are many self-support groups that you can attend. These are things you read in any quit smoking guide but they do work so you better try at least one.

Quit Smoking Detox ? What To Expect by Nguang Nguek Fluek

Quit Smoking Detox ? What To Expect, the good and the bad

Smoking is a persistent habit connected with your body and mind. That is why any cessation process should include a quit smoking detox therapy and behavior therapy.

Smoking is an addiction similar to drugs or alcohol additions. While you have been smoking, your body got used to receiving regular doses of nicotine. Once you stop smoking and stop the nicotine doses your body responds with severe cravings and withdrawal symptoms that come to show you that you need to light up a cigarette. If you manage to overcome these problems, it is pretty guaranteed that you will manage to quit smoking.

For the reasons described above, many quit smoking programs begin with a quit smoking detox procedure.

The first thing is to stop smoking at once. Many smokers believe that it is fair enough just to reduce gradually the number of the cigarettes however, this is completely wrong. If you continue to smoke, you are not benefiting the quit smoking dexot processes of your body. Moreover, it is a slippery edge that usually leads to unsuccessful results ? after all, you need just one stressful situation to increase the quantity of smoked cigarettes.

The minute you stop smoking your body will start to revive. In general, round 72 hours are required for the nicotine to go out of your body. For this reason, the cravings are with greater intensity after this period. The good news it that if you manage to survive without a cigarette for the first 3-4 days you will feel a drastic improvement in respect of cravings intensity and withdrawal symptoms. This is due to the active quit smoking detox processes that are going on.

Another signs of quit smoking detox are improved taste in your mouth, better smell, our digestion system will start working properly and you will feel respiratory relieve.

Various products can help the quit smoking detox process. There are medications, herbs and even specific foods that can help. All you need to do is to ask your doctor for the ones mist suitable or you.

Finally remember that the pure quit smoking detox of your body is just part of the smoking problem. The other part is connected with your habits and behavior, mind and perceptions. Although you are helping your body to clean up from the cigarettes? bad ingredients this is just not enough to give up smoking. You will have to seriously rearrange the way you perceive smoking, find some good reasons to stop and change your lifestyle in a way to leave the cigarettes behind. For the ones with stronger personality this may be the easiest part of the problem but for may it is the most difficult one. That is why you should really believe in your success and get as much support from your family and friends as possible.

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey,A Free Method by Nguang Nguek Fluek

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey: A Free Method

For the many people who have tried to stop smoking, many will be unsuccessful due to the method they chose to help them stop smoking. Most people who have stopped smoking completely have tried several times before success came for them. When you quit smoking cold turkey you are applying one of the oldest and well-known methods use to help people quit smoking.

To quit smoking cold turkey you need to be prepared. Meaning that most people think that you can just stop and that will power will be the motivation to not start again. For many people this is not feasible. The suggestion is to make sure that you are prepared for any type of method used to quit smoking. Most people also assume that when you quit smoking cold turkey, it means to quit smoking without using any smoking cessation aids such as nicotine gum or patches.

The cold turkey method to help you quit smoking is great if you use the aids listed above because those aids will help you if your body starts to go through withdrawal symptoms, which are often associated when you stop smoking. When you quit smoking cold turkey, you tap into probably the most popular albeit not the most successful method for quitting.

You can improve your chances for permanently quitting with the cold turkey method if you follow a few guidelines: such as understanding what the withdrawal symptoms are, and making sure that you treat them properly. Drinking lots of water will help to flush the body out quickly. Keeping your mouth busy and keeping a chart of what is occurring when you have a craving will help you to keep an eye on what is going on with your body.

Taking a walk or calling a friend when you feel like smoking will help you to be able to be successful while you are trying to quit smoking. Willpower is important and your success will depend on how badly you want to quit smoking and whether or not you believe that you can do it. Now keep in mind that not everyone will have feelings of withdrawal. You may have none or just one or two withdrawal symptoms and they will differ from person to person and from time to time.
Why not today? When you quit smoking cold turkey, you access virtually the only method that is free, and you can do it at any time. The good news is, if you are not successful trying the cold turkey method to quit smoking, then you will be happy to know that there is now more effective treatments available that can more than double your chances of quitting successfully.

Using hypnosis to stop smoking

The truth about quitting smoking. Uncover cost effective methods that will help your conquer the stop smoking battle fast. Whether you smoke or know someone close to you that smokes this article will help you kick the smoking habit for good.

Hypnosis quit smoking methods maintain caused quite a stir in the medical world over the last two decades. There is a lot of argument pertaining to whether or not hypnosis quit smoking treatments are actually useful in the long-term. Nonetheless, there has been much research conducted concerning the treatments, and the agreement is that hypnosis treatments are just as effective as any variant stop smoking product.

I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward. Thomas Alva Edison

Whether you have been smoking since your adolescence or if you just became genuinely addicted, hypnosis quit smoking treatments can assist you get on top of the intense cravings that most persons experience when they try to quit smoking. The process of hypnosis to support stop smoking involves a hypnotherapist who guides the patient into a heightened condition of awareness that is also a dreamlike state. In this state of perception, the patient is highly susceptible to suggestions. The hypnotherapist will suggest a variety of phrases that help to cut down the patient’s cravings and reliance on cigarettes. Many therapists claim that the pressure reduction brought about via hypnosis is the primary explanation why it works. Patients feel less stress and are therefore less likely to use cigarettes as a means to reduce stress throughout the day.

Though hypnosis quit smoking methods do appear to travail in the short term, there is still much debate pertaining to the long-term effects of the treatments. For example, hypnosis can help some person stop smoking for a few months, but after the treatments are finished, it may be hard for a patient to continue to thwart the drive to smoke. However, hypnosis is still considered one of the most popular commonplace stop smoking aids. Because it does not include prescription or nicotine supplements, it is one of the healthiest ways to quit smoking.

There are typically a few hypnosis quit smoking clinics in most metropolitan areas. For instance, Atlanta hypnosis quit smoking clinics are scattered all over throughout the city. With regular stop smoking methods gaining more and more approval, hypnosis is becoming one of the more common ways to obtain quit smoking support.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Lao-tzu, Tao-te Ching

When you are trying to quit smoking, hypnosis quit smoking methods and alternate ways to help yourself quit are only as productive as your willpower allows them to be. You have to be ready to give up smoking before even the finest quit smoking way will work. Quit smoking tips can only go so far when it comes to reducing your cravings. You must be ready to fight your urges in order for any quit smoking aids to be useful. However, if you are resolute to quit smoking, you can use any figure of stop smoking products to help you along on your journey toward a smoke-free lifestyle. From natural to medical alternatives, you are never by oneself while you are trying to quit smoking.

Why Do Some Fail To Quit Smoking?

Most smokers, when you ask them, will claim that even though they smoke everyday, they really do want to quit smoking. However, the number one reason some smokers don’t quit is because deep down inside, they really do not want to quit at all. Nicotine is an addictive drug, simple as that. And the body, once introduced to high amounts of it over a period of time, can’t seem to function without it. Quitting smoking is hard, but the truth of the matter is that if you go 48 hours…

Most smokers, when you ask them, will claim that even though they smoke everyday, they really do want to quit smoking. However, the number one reason some smokers don’t quit is because deep down inside, they really do not want to quit at all. Nicotine is an addictive drug, simple as that. And the body, once introduced to high amounts of it over a period of time, can’t seem to function without it. Quitting smoking is hard, but the truth of the matter is that if you go 48 hours without a cigarette, the nicotine in your body is then gone. After the first 48 hours, if a smoker wants another cigarette, it is possibly for reasons other than a nicotine addiction.

So what could those reasons be? Well many people give the reason that smoking gives them energy. This can be why it is so hard to quit smoking. In a way, this is true, because smoking speeds your heart rate up. But that is like saying running from a bear is good for you because it keeps you in shape. Nicotine is a true stimulant, and it not only increases your heart rate, but also your blood pressure. It is like getting angry with someone, getting the same biological results. But a way to get these same addictive effects (in ways other than smoking, running from bears, or getting mad at someone,) a good nights sleep and plenty of exercise should do the trick. Drinking lots of clean, cool water also helps. It gives you something to put in your mouth and can help flush more nicotine out of the body.

One of the most common reasons people give for not quitting smoking is that they have become comfortable with the feel of a cigarette in their hands. Some even say they just like to watch the smoke come out of their mouths. Lots of smokers go back to smoking because they had nothing to do with their hands. We are creatures of habit and this makes perfect sense. If all you just miss the touch of a cigarette, try and hold a real one. However, some find that simply handling a cigarette when trying to quit makes them want to smoke one. Eating regular meals to avoid getting hungry is also a good tip.

Quit smoking by Nguang Nguek Fluek

Quit smoking, Withdrawal Symptoms & Why You Should Quit

Nicotine addiction is very powerful and you know it is tough to quit smoking if you?ve tried and failed. Most smokers become edgy just thinking about quitting. But why is it so hard? The answer is nicotine which is a drug naturally found in tobacco and is highly addictive. The body becomes psychologically and physically dependent on nicotine over time. To be successful in quitting you must overcome both of these.

Withdraw Symptoms

When you try to cut back or quit smoking, nicotine?s absence leads to withdraw symptoms. Psychologically, the smoker is giving up a habit, which means a major change in behavior. Physically, the absence of nicotine makes the body react. If you want to successfully quit smoking you must deal with both. Withdrawal symptoms can include depression, feelings of frustration and anger, trouble sleeping, restlessness, irritability, trouble concentrating, headache and increased appetite.

You may start smoke again to get rid of the symptoms but who said it will be easy to quit smoking? Withdrawal symptoms will occur if a person who has smoked regularly greatly reduces the amount smoked or abruptly stops using tobacco. Symptoms start after a few hours from the last cigarette and about 2 to 3 days later peak, and they can last several weeks.

Why Quit?

Why should you quit smoking? Health concerns should be on top of the list of reasons. Smoking can cause not only lung cancer but also many other kinds of cancer such as cancer of the mouth, throat (pharynx), voice box (larynx), esophagus, kidney, cervix, some leukemias, bladder, pancreas and stomach. Smokers are more likely to die from heart attack than nonsmokers. Smoking also causes yellow fingernails and hair, wrinkling of the skin, bad smelling clothes and hair, bad breath and increased risk of macular degeneration.

Special Risks at Women

Smoking at women over 35 who use birth control pills is a risk factor for heart attack blood clots of the legs and stroke. Also a lower birth-weight baby and having a miscarriage are unique risks for women.

It is Never to Late!

No matter how long you’ve smoked or your age, quit smoking will help you live longer. Quitting before age 35 you will avoid 90% of the risks attributable to tobacco. And even if you quit smoking later in life you can significantly reduce the risk of a premature death.

If you find it hard to quit smoking remember that in a long run your life will improve with fewer illnesses from flu viruses and cold, reduced rates of pneumonia and bronchitis, and better self-reported health status.